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Dr. Armogan was educated in Barbados at St. Cyprian’s Boys’ School and Harrison College. He continued to build on that foundation, graduating with Honours from the University of Western Ontario (Canada) in both Chemistry and Dentistry. In recognition of his outstanding abilities in treating children, he received the Senior Award in Paediatric Dentistry. For three years after receiving his Doctorate of Dental Sciences, Dr. Armogan gained invaluable experience as a practicing dentist in Canada. This preceded his pursuit of specialty training in Orthodontics at Case Western Reserve University (USA). During this period he also successfully defended a Master’s Thesis.

Dr. Armogan is a recognized member of several professional organizations including the America Association of Orthodontics, the Caribbean Society of Orthodontics, and the World Federation of Orthodontics. He also successfully completed the American Orthodontics Boards, and the Canadian (Orthodontic) Specialty Boards.